Heward Jue
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Logo Design

Logo Design

I love designing logos. Each assignment is an opportunity to say the most with the least, and to do so with elegance, style and wit. Here are just some of the logos I’ve designed.

Roots of Peace is a humanitarian organization whose mission is to “turn mines into vines.” They work in war-torn countries, transforming deadly mine fields into life-giving vineyards and orchards.

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Desired Learning is a company that creates innovative learning materials to help institutions, schools, professors, and students achieve their learning goals.

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Java The Hut is a cafe with a simple, witty and memorable name. Naturally, they deserve a simple, witty and memorable logo.


StubHub was hosting a party called Fandomonium at a thrill-ride park for its Super Bowl 50 ticket customers. My logo for them expresses the thrills of football and roller coasters elegantly and ambiguously.


My friends formed a bike racing team called the Rat Bastards, and needed a logo for their jerseys. They told me that my logo really made them feel like proud team members. And isn't that what every logo should do?


Until There’s A Cure is a charity that sells The Bracelet and other fashionable items to help fund HIV/AIDS research.

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The Pharaoh’s House is an Egyptian-themed entertainment center where children celebrate their birthdays with royal fanfare and fun.


This logo for Escalate Wealth Management capitalizes on the ambiguity of the letters E and W formed by the growth graph, and uses green and gold to represent wealth and abundance.